New Year, New Projects!


Greetings friends, loved ones, strangers, and comrades! I’m glad you’re here.

Some of you may know me from my project The Page Turners. After the past few years of life on the road, touring, recording, performing, we’ve decided to take a breather. It’s a bittersweet thing but we’re so excited for the opportunities this time is affording us.

One of these exciting things has been starting a solo project of my own, which has been on the docket for a while now.

Another exciting development that I have moved to Nashville, TN, where I am currently writing this on a hot and sticky summer’s day. I may go make myself some sun tea once I’m finished with this.

I’m so psyched for what is in store. Please stay tuned for all of the exciting dates, music, and tours ahead.

Carolyn Kendrick