Weekly (ish) Playlists!

Hey, y’all! Carolyn here, coming off a ~4 week on-the road stint. After starting in Maryland for Delfest, then back to Nashville, then California for recording projects in both LA and northern California, then Maine to catch up with pals and play tunes, then a week on an island in Lake Winnipesaukee at Miles of Music, I can confidently say it is nice to be home.

Something I’ve been doing lately is publishing playlists of what I’ve been listening to. The series is conveniently titled: What Have I Been Listening To? I’m finding it a lovely vehicle to keep up to date with the new music that friends and heroes are putting out, plus a way to discover new and fun classics. These playlists have kept me company on the road, and I hope they are of some service to you as well.

One HUGE caveat is this: I use Spotify/Apple Music and other streaming services as a way to discover and share music. This is no substitute for buying and supporting musician’s work. The best way to do so is to buy merch and albums in person at shows. The second best way is to pre-order them or order from the artist’s website. Next best is by purchasing on Bandcamp or some other online vehicle. Streaming should really be a last resort, even though I am entirely aware that this is the world we live in these days. Thank you for your consideration and please enjoy ethically!

You can find them here: Carolyn’s Spotify account.

Carolyn Kendrick